Boots-On-The-Ground Partners Preserving your Property...and Profit. 

the benefits of a Boots-On-The-Ground Property Manager

we are your personal local cabin fairy! 

Huge Benefit #1

We are local, and we are U.S. Army veterans. We know our clients, and we have thoroughly vetted our team members. If your guests need something during their stay, no matter what it may be, our mission is to square them away!

Huge Benefit #2

Have you scheduled appliance/furniture deliveries, contractors to perform some work on your property, or need someone to pop in to check on possible damage after a storm? We KNOW the challenges that go along with maintaining a home, especially if you don't live close by. Sit back and relax. We've got you. 

Huge Benefit #3

Are you a Local-to-Maggie-Valley Host? We want to build relationships with you! We offer property management assistance while you're on stress-free vacations. Call us! We will take care of your guests and make sure they have a seamless experience during their stay at your property.

Huge Benefit #4

We are outside-the-box thinkers when it comes to our services. Need plants for your patio for the spring and summer? Need your house decorated for special events/holidays for your guests? Need groceries in the home before your guests arrive? We offer an elevated level of services so your property stands out from the rest.

Wide range of Services We Offer

Dynamic Personalized Rate Setting 

We utilize a variety of pricing metrics to ensure you are getting the most possible revenue out of your listing. We ensure that your property is competitive and allows for maximum return by determining how you stack up against your home's competitive market.

Guest Communication 

Our team is local with boots-on-the ground. We are available 24/7 to communicate with your guests before, during and after their stay. We are committed to responding on time, making sure your guests have everything they need for a memorable stay. With LevelUpBnb, you can have peace of mind that your property is performing and your guests are happy.

Detailed Welcome/Guest Book  

As a special perk for our clients, we create a personalized, stylish 'Welcome Book', as well as a Guest Book, for your guests. The Welcome Book can be thought of as an owner's manual for your home.

Listing Optimization 

We will assist in optimizing your listing on multiple platforms, getting you the most views and revenue for your property. Our goal is to help you Level Up by creating a listing that pops. We have access to analytics that can separate you from the herd.

Cleaning Coordination 

The Cabin Fairy provides a complete turnover service in addition to our standard cleaning. Each property is cleaned with the utmost attention to detail. Our goal is to earn every 5-star review for you. We will recommend linens and towels that work best with your property, as well as wash/dry them properly! We also use a proprietary spritz to mist on your sheets during turnover. 

Supply Management Services 

Stocking and supplying takes a lot of work. Our team works to get you the best prices on all your supplies, while keeping track as you go along. We create personalized checklists for each property for everything from towels to forks to cleaning supplies.

General Contractor Services  

Sometimes a property will need some improvements after purchase. We have a team of handymen that will help get the work done. We also schedule and perform routine, corrective, preventative, and emergency maintenance of the property. From light fixtures, fireplaces, grills, porch maintenance, or garbage disposal repair, we can get it done!

Landscape Services 

We believe that curb appeal is paramount to your guests' first impressions! Here in Maggie Valley, the spring/summer weather lends itself to showing off colorful flower baskets on your porch steps/patios. We can purchase, place and water your baskets, as well as manage landscapers to keep your property pristine.

We Operate Differently...

 20% Management Fee

Listings in your name so reviews are always yours, month-to-month contract, all funds deposited directly to your account, a carefully-curated Welcome Book personalized to your property, and full transparency with guest communications...just to name a few advantages.

* Our Rate Structure Applies ONLY to Nightly Booking Proceeds.

**Monthly Channel Management Fee not included.